Home news Southampton men jailed over £30k delivery driver sting

Southampton men jailed over £30k delivery driver sting


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Two men have been jailed for stealing £30,000 from a cash delivery driver.Jamie Bellows, 28, and Xavier Whyte, 29, struck after the money was collected from Sainsbury’s in Bitterne precinct, Southampton, on 29 December 2015.Bellows was jailed at Southampton Crown Court on Tuesday for seven and a half years and Whyte for six-and-a-half.The pair, from Southampton, admitted conspiring to commit robbery in June. The money has never been traced.

The court heard Bellows ambushed the driver near the store at about 10:00 GMT, while Whyte waited in a stolen getaway car.The victim was left traumatised but uninjured, police said.The empty cash box was later recovered near to Bellows’ home in Chafen Road. Bellows was arrested in February 2016 and Whyte, of Wilton Road, was detained in March, but both remained silent in police interviews.Detectives said evidence from CCTV footage and mobile phone analysis eventually led to the men being charged in October.
Source: BBC Hampshire