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South Western Railway could axe quiet train carriages


A train operator could be about to signal the end of quiet carriages on their services.South Western Railway has said conductors are often unable to enforce the rules on board trains.The firm has asked customers to vote on whether they want to see the end of the noise-free zones.Some operators, including Cross Country and Great Western Railway, have already abolished quiet carriages on some of their services.South Western, who operate lines between London and Weymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, and the Island Line on the Isle of Wight, said quiet carriages can be “a thorn in the side of some and safe havens for others”.Speaking at Reading station, passenger Oliver Johnston said: “I’m young, so it doesn’t bother me where I sit on the train.”However, he added: “If you want a bit of peace and quiet though, there is more space on those carriages.”‘Not adequately governed’Another, Tom Willis, said quiet carriages were “somewhere nice to sit quietly and kick back with a book”.”The rules do get bent a bit in rush hour, but outside of those times I think it does work quite well.”South Western argues that they are unable to effectively police the carriages, which prohibit mobile phone use and loud conversation.”There is a limited amount of action that we can take as a train operator,” said head of customer experience Christian Neil.”We have had feedback from customers for many years, on both sides, saying that they are not adequately governed.”The company has now posted a survey on their website asking for customers to give their opinion on the future of quiet carriages.
Source: BBC Hampshire