Home news More than one in five dread the office Christmas party

More than one in five dread the office Christmas party


OVER a fifth of employees admit they’re secretly dreading their office Christmas party.
And one in six office ‘Scrooges’ said they would rather avoid the celebration all together – and the reason behind this lack of excitement is no secret either.
The survey of 2000 office workers revealed that 40 per cent of workers are worried about embarrassing themselves in front of their bosses.
Along with this, a quarter of respondents confessed that they hate having to mingle with management.

The data also found that it takes two drinks before employees are able to loosen up and even start to enjoy themselves.
While it takes an additional two stiff drinks before attendees are willing to take to the dancefloor –17 per cent of respondents said they refuse to dance at the event.
According to the poll by www.printerland.co.uk, the average worker thinks seven drinks is too many at the office Christmas party. Yet, more than a third said they will easily top this number to feel as merry as possible.
Catherine Bannan, HR manager at Printerland.co.uk, said: “It’s great to see that so many workers are set to enjoy the Christmas party, but they should be mindful that their behaviour will be on full display for their colleagues – and managers – to see.
“Remember that you’ll still have to work with your colleagues after the party and any embarrassing errors you make are likely to be recalled – and laughed about – for years to come!”
Whether they enjoy the event or not, office workers are ready to splash out for their festive bash – as the average employee spends a whopping £150.28 on the office Christmas party.
Employees won’t be going to the party hungry – as this total allows for around £35 on food and drinks on the night.
Some of this total will be spent before they even arrive at the event – as £13 will be spent on transport to get to the party.
As well as this, they are set to spend £9 on entry, and if they are feeling generous they will pay the same for their partner to join them.

Workers are also prepared to look the part, spending an average of £30 on clothes for the get-together, along with £23 on shoes, £16 on accessories – and a further £15 on getting their hair style right for occasion.
Source: Daily Echo