Home news Glum puppy gets head stuck in biscuit jar

Glum puppy gets head stuck in biscuit jar


A puppy bit off more than he could chew when he raided his owner’s biscuit jar and ended up with his head stuck inside it.The pug-Chihuahua cross, called Buddy, was trying to lick crumbs out of the container when he became trapped at his home in Wavell Road, Southampton.His owner smeared washing-up liquid around the pup’s neck but could not free him so had to call firefighters.Rescuer Anton Phillips eased out Buddy’s ears before releasing his head.You can see more stories about stuck animals needing to be rescued on our Pinterest board.

The animal rescue specialist said: “This was an unusual job and it was strange being able to see the animal’s doleful expression through the glass.”I was keen not to risk breaking the glass as this could have injured the animal. “I pulled back the loose skin and positioned it so I could get one ear out then the other. There was a pop as I got its head free.”I have dealt with a lot of animals over the years and I always say ‘if they can get it in, I can get it out’.”Buddy was said to be fine after his ordeal on Monday afternoon.
Source: BBC Hampshire